Patents, & Talks


"Capability-based Financial Instruments" by Mark S. Miller, Chip Morningstar, Bill Frantz; to appear in Proceedings of Financial Cryptography 2000 (Springer-Verlag)

"Learning Curve" by Mark S. Miller; a book review of John Holland's Hidden Order in Reason Magazine, Dec 1996

"Joule: Distributed Application Foundations" by E. Dean Tribble, Mark S. Miller, Norm Hardy, David Krieger; 1996

"An Automated Auction in ATM Network Bandwidth" by Mark S. Miller and David Krieger; in Market Based Control & Sun Labs tech report SML-94-0508

"Real Time Video Delivery with Market-based Resource Allocation" by Mark S. Miller, David Krieger, E. Dean Tribble; Agorics tech report.

"Architectural Issues in Agoric Open Systems" by Mark S. Miller, David Krieger, E. Dean Tribble, Norm Hardy; Agorics tech report ADd007P May 1994

"An Introduction to Agoric Computation" by Mark S. Miller, David Krieger, E. Dean Tribble; Agorics tech report ADd006P May 1994

"The Open Society and its Media" by Mark Miller with E. Dean Tribble, Ravi Pandya, and Marc Stiegler; in Prospects in Nanotechnology

"Betting, Bribery, and Bankruptcy-A Simulated Economy that Learns to Predict" by Ted Kaehler, Hadon Nash, Mark Miller; in IEEE CompCon Proceedings, pp. 357-361, 1989

Appearing in The Ecology of Computation (1988, North Holland Press/Elsevier):

"Comparative Ecology: A Computational Perspective" by Mark Miller and K. Eric Drexler

"Markets and Computation: Agoric Open Systems" by Mark Miller and K. Eric Drexler

"Incentive Engineering for Computational Resource Management" by K. Eric Drexler and Mark Miller

"Language Design and Open Systems" by Ken Kahn and Mark Miller

"Vulcan: Logical Concurrent Objects" by Ken Kahn, E. Dean Tribble, Mark Miller, and Danny Bobrow; in Concurrent Prolog: Collected Papers

"Definition Groups: Making Sources into First Class Objects" by Daniel Fogelsong, Danny Bobrow, Mark Miller; in Research Directions in Object Oriented Programming,

"Interming: Unifying Keyword and Positional Notations" by Susan Hirsh, Ken Kahn, Mark Miller; Xerox PARC tech report, 1987)

"Objects in Concurrent Logic Programming Languages" by Kenneth M. Kahn, Eric Dean Tribble, Mark S. Miller, Daniel G. Bobrow; in OOPSLA 1986: 242-257

"Logical Secrets" by Mark S. Miller, Daniel G. Bobrow, Eric Dean Tribble, Jacob Levy; in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP) 1987: 704-728 and in Concurrent Prolog: Collected Papers

"Channels: A Generalization of Streams" by Eric Dean Tribble, Mark S. Miller, Kenneth M. Kahn, Daniel G. Bobrow, Curtis Abbott, Ehud Y. Shapiro; in ICLP 1987: 839-857


Lightweight Non-Repudiation of Extended Conversations (US05790669)

Capability Security for Distributed Object Systems (US05852666 and US5781633)

Persistence for Distributed Capabilities (US06049838)

The Diverse Goods Auction (US5640569)

Patent on Distributed Garbage Collection (US05960087)

Generic Transfer of Exclusive Rights (US6161121)

Two more patents are pending

Papers by others relating to my work


at Lex Cybernetoria 2

Contracting-out Contract Law

at Financial Cryptography 2000

Capability-based Financial Instruments

at Financial Cryptography 1999
and Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop 1999

E and Smart Contracting

at the Extropy 3 Conference

Computer Security as the Future of Law

at the Bionomics Institute Conferences

1994 "Automated Auctions of Network Bandwidth"
1993 "Evolving Market Landscapes"

at George Mason University's "Evolutionary Economics" Conference

1990 "Agoric Open Systems"